THIN CLIENTS “ Let up to 40 users


CyuDa Supplies technology which connects to the internet through many standard TCP/ IP protocols, making many users sharing simultaneously one standard PC come true. This can help our customers cut down the total cost of ownership.

CyuDa thin clients solution is suitable to be used in Enterprises, schools, training centers and other various environments. You can use an Ethernet cable to connect the terminal directly to a  standard PC. You can also use HUB, Switch hub, or Router to connect them or even through the internet. CyuDa Multiplier can support up to 40 concurrent users,each experiencing personal, customizable desktops and applications. A single shared PC supports multiple LCD displays, keyboards, and mice. 

CyuDA Multiplier is easy to use as it uses the genuine Microsoft Windows®MultiPoint™ Server 2010 operating system capable of providing a Windows 7 user experience, easy installation of current security patches and updates, and full support of all standard Microsoft® software.