Increasingly, the economic and social benefits of broadband connectivity for development are  become evident. On the economic side, the World Bank estimates that every 10% increase in broadband penetration can yield an increase of as much as 1.4% in GDP growth. It is clear as well that broadband Internet has even greater potential impact than voice connectivity alone. But the impacts of broadband are not merely economic.


As recent events in the Middle East and North Africa demonstrate, the Internet, and broadband in particular, can be a power force for social change, fostering greater social inclusion, civic participation and political transparency, not to it is critical for delivery of improved education, healthcare, relief, and more. The debate among policymakers has now shifted from whether to promote broadband access to the question of how to do so most effectively.



Just 9.6% of the total population in Africa has access to the Internet. This is less than 1/5th and 1/6th of the rate in the Americas and Europe, respectively. But this statistic does not convey the real situation in the world’s poorest countries. Of Africa’s 48 sub-­Saharan countries, 29 (60%) have total Internet usage rates (at any speed) of less than 3%, and 15 (31%) show less than 1%. Broadband access rates are far lower still. And the cost can be 100 or more times greater.

Therefore, while wireless broadband has exploded in much of the world, as the ITU’s 2009 report points out, there remains “a dramatic broadband divide, with very few fixed broadband subscribers or mobile broadband subscriptions in Africa.”



CyuDa believes that closing the broadband gap will require new, collaborative and low-­cost broadband service delivery models. Moreover, we believe that the essential components of such a model already exist; what’s needed is a well – conceived and coordinated effort to bring them together in a functioning service delivery framework.



   Broadband for Good an innovative new approach to accelerating access in under-served areas around the East Africa  by partnering with region organizations and local service providers, building local entrepreneurial capacity and working and identifying radically lower cost connectivity designs to implement region specific demonstrations that can catalyze profitable models that service provider can adopt and scale.

Broadband for Good,  CyuDa Limited  can design project-specific rural networks/approaches for connecting schools, clinics, humanitarian agencies and other regionally disparate locations. These networks can enable better access to high quality broadband by extending broadband from regional cities and they can lower overall costs by connecting the locations to each other so they can communicate on their own network and then aggregate their purchase for Internet as one organization.



Our Partner Inveneo , Ubiquiti Network  As part of the program’s toolkit, BB4G intends to facilitate development of both network management and customer provisioning software to support our NGO/enterprise and individual client broadband services. These will be part of a suite of cloud-based operational support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) services, including:


  • Support for multiple carriers/resellers on the same network with privacy management, separate accounting and reporting;
  • Product ordering, both pre-paid and post-paid, supporting scratch card and SMS purchases, invoicing and detailed billing.
  • Bandwidth shaping on an individual session or user basis
  • Network congestion management;
  • Customized splash web pages to tailor for carrier selected or access point location.