Desktop Computing

CyuDa Supplies  Certified low-power desktop solutions are designed to meet the variety of needs that partners and customers face in rural and underserved communities. When paired with low-power LCDs, they provide the optimum performance and features for all types of deployments.

  • High-Efficiency Computing Station Desktops: For installations without reliable grid power, ultra low-power desktop systems are fanless so they are optimized to run off 12-volt, deep-cycle batteries, making the most of solar or generator power.
  • Low-Power High-Performance Desktops: For installations where the need to run more compute-intensive software outweighs the need to conserve electricity, performance desktop systems deliver better compute power while still minimizing power needs.
  • Ultra Low-Power wide screen LCD Display Monitor: a bright, full color display for use where low-power consumption and high reliability are critical.