Kigali is a growing City, we have developped this Gorilla with a purpose of serving Kigali  community and visitors to get directions by consulting our Gorillas who will be delpoyed in different parts of the city to direct and provide updated information to the public.

The Ideas of interactive Gorilla aimed to promote gorilla with Gorilla protetion in mind and create link between ICT and artistic work. Our  Gorilla  will be used for different purpose and different area, after its awareness it will serve as Identification of the country with promoting gorilla visit in Rwanda. 

We have developped this Gorilla. in Partnership with INEMA Arts  

It is known that Gorilla  is  a very intelligent animal and its living style is close to that of human being . The choice was made for keeping its reputation as the most mammal worldwide which brings tourist all over the world to the East African countries the only place you can find  this mountain Gorilla. 




Shortly our interactive Gorilla serves as: 


1. Decorative script in residential houses, hotel, public area, event venue, etc 


2. Security due to its CCTV system. 


3. Receptionist to take care of customers at entrance (Sight and voice recognition) 


4. Information provision to direct people to their destination 


5. Advertisement   can be used to introduce new product to the market. (Pre- reocred message) 


6. With RDB partneriship  it can be  our country Identity 


7. Entertainment live joke and recorded joke 


8. Touristic tools 


9. ETC ... custermizable.