Fruits of Hope Academy are a Christian based academy located in Kigali, Rwanda. We serve grades Nursery - P6. Our focus is that students will be motivated by a dynamic learning environment, developing as engaged, focused and independent learners. Our goal is that education will open a journey of opportunity for our students, releasing abilities they have never experienced before, and seeking the highest possible academic outcome


Business Needs 


ICT integration in education by providing infrastructure and technologies 


CyuDa’s Role 


Provision and installation of computer lab solution and website. 


Solution Overview

Desktop solutions are designed to meet the variety of partner’s needs, they provide optimum performance and features all types deployments and can be installed without reliable grid power , ultra-low power desktop systems are fanless so they are optimized to run off 12 volt, deep-cycle batteries, making the most of solar or generator 





  • Low cost , easy to use desktop solution optimized for economical computing .  
  • Energy efficient computing system designed for use where cost is over-riding factor and electrical supplies are limited or unreliable; location like underserved clinics, schools, community centers and microfinances. 
  • Computers components and software from leading manufactures have been carefully .  
  • Minimum maintenance due to it adaptation to environment. 
  • The update of system will be done and received without delay 


  • Dust protected system.  

WiFi cards incorporated to avoid cables for connections.