RNP – Accident report system (ARS)


 The RNP Vision is to make the people living in Rwanda feel safe, involved and reassured. Our Mission is

dedication to the delivery of high quality services, accountability and transparency, safeguard the rule of law and provide a safe

and crime free environment for all.

Business Needs

This project is being completed due to clients using old accident reporting forms, their illegible

handwriting, and incomplete accident reports.

CyuDa’s Role

 To develop online form that mirrors the RNP paper-based accident reporting form

New written procedures for reporting accidents and their location

Solution Overview

Future accident data will be captured and reported by the police for signatures and dates by the officer

on field. They will be send version to RNP server automatically right way after saving the report

to the to the gadgets of police officer on field.

RNP will be able to ensure that accident reporting forms are filled out entirely with the online form’s

“required” fields functionality. Also, there will be no future problem with deciphering handwritten

information since all the data will be typed in online. This new process will also provide a time-
stamp and paper-trail for submitted forms that will be irrefutable. Additionally, the management of

each workers’ comp claim will be more streamlined Emergency Warnings, Watch and Act, and Advice

information as issued by the RNP Share incidents and warnings with others security

agent or concerned people View today's accident rate montage