CyuDa Supplies  Certified low-power desktop solutions are designed to meet the variety of needs that partners and customers face in rural and underserved communities. When paired with low-power LCDs, they provide the optimum performance and features for all types of deployments. Read more


CyuDa Limited Supplies HP and DELL Servers and inveneo low-power-consuming servers, highly configurable server that offers great performance. CyuDa Servers provide system management, storage, and network connectivity for solar-powered computing and telephony networks in underserved areas. Read more


A long distance WiFi access point is a low-power wireless device that allows one or more locations to connect to distant Internet services in order to reach and/or share access to the Internet.  Read more

Connecting Those Who need it Most


CYUDA LIMITED is the only ICT Company that delivers the tools of technology, sustainable computing and broadband, affordable data storage and webhosting, to those who need it most in the East Africa Community transforming lives through better education, healthcare, economic opportunities and faster emergency relief using ICT.